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Wood Destroying Insect Protection

Prevention is Integral to Structural Safety

Wood destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants are stealthy, often creating a lot of damage within buildings before owners even realize that they’re present: Prevention and protection are key to implement before they do their damage!

Your structure, be it your home or business, is your most valuable asset. Doing nothing to protect it from wood destroying insects doesn’t work, as inaction can cost you a steep extermination bill along with tens of thousands of dollars in repairs depending on the severity of the infestation. We strongly suggest preventative treatments or monitoring to help keep your home or business safe.

In New Jersey, There are Three Types of Structures:

  • Buildings that had termites.
  • Buildings that have termites.
  • And buildings that are going to have termites.

If termites or other wood destroying insects have already started making a meal out of your buildings, the process of mitigation follows a simple trajectory:

1. Inspection: Identify any signs of termites, including looking for termite droppings, mud tubes, and damaged wood.
2. Assessment: Evaluate the extent of the infestation and determine the appropriate treatment method.
3. Treatment: Take control of the space by using termiticide and placing bait stations to capture all problem insects.
4. Follow-up: Inspect the space to ensure that the termites have been completely eradicated and check for any new signs of infestation.
5. Prevention: Conduct ongoing monitoring and regular inspections for long-term prevention.

The installation of physical barriers such as termite shields, or using preventative treatments such as soil treatments or bait systems is highly recommended to ensure the safety of your property from damage by termite infestations.

Termite inspection and treatment options can be included in an annual service contract that’s customized to suit the needs of your space.
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