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Rodent and Wildlife Control

As humans take up more space by expanding construction, the natural habitat for rodents and wildlife is shrinking. They are adapting to their surroundings by taking up residence in man-made structures.

In all types of weather, wildlife is looking for a more comfortable place to live. In winter, they want to escape the cold. And in summer, they want to get out of the heat. For squirrels, flying squirrels and raccoons, your attic could be the perfect place for them. Rats and mice would probably prefer your basement.

Keeping Wildlife In the Wild!

It is our job to get them out and make every effort, so they don’t return.

First, we determine how the animals have entered your structure. Then, by either trapping or installing one-way tunnels, we get the wildlife out of your home or business. The one-way tunnels allow animals to leave but prevent them from coming back in.

Once we’ve removed the animals, we work on exclusion to ensure that they cannot re-enter that area. Our company also sells pest control products that you can use to keep your home clean.

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