Close up of termite in wood structure in residential home

Termites and Carpenter Ants

These pests are hungry for your home!

Termites and ants can be easily confused, as both behave in similar ways and can cause extensive damage to structures.

Termites are very destructive – if an infestation gets out of hand they can collapse an entire building. Their very sharp jaws bite off extremely small portions of wood (cellulose) piece by piece, 24 hours a day – causing billions of dollars in damages in structures within the United States every year.

The risks posed by termites include significant structural damage to buildings making them unsafe to inhabit, as well as potential health risks to people and pets by causing respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.

It can be very difficult to spot termites – they don’t emerge from the soil or their tunnels often and many people don’t realize they have termites until they are unearthed during construction or renovations.

What About Ants?

Black carpenter ants do not actually eat wood but will chew through it in order to build their nests, and they’re especially good at chewing through wood that’s wet. They are one of the largest ant species in North America, with workers ranging from 6-12mm in length, while queens can be up to 20mm in length.

Due to their nesting behaviors, these ants can be a significant threat to structures. They tunnel their way through wood, leaving behind sawdust-like frass, and weakening the integrity of the structure. Over time they can even compromise the safety of buildings by eating away at important support beams.

To treat an infestation, we look for nests in the areas where the ants are present and try to locate their entry points into the structure. Them treatment options include setting up bait stations, using insecticides, and sealing off entry points to prevent ants from entering.

Ants are known to be tenacious and resilient to treatment, so it is best to consult with a professional pest control company like ours to ensure effective treatment and to prevent the ants from returning once you’ve realized you may have an infestation.

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