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Stinging Insects and Hornets

What’s All the Buzz About?

There are over 4,000 different species of bee that call the United States home, and few things can get your heart racing like the buzz of one of a bee, hornet, or wasp in your ear! Whether they’ve built a nest within the structure of your home, in the ground, or elsewhere on your property, controlling the action of aggressive stinging insects can be integral to maintaining peace in your space – and the integrity of your structures.

Identifying Stinging Insects & Bees:

  • Western Honeybees are fuzzy, golden brown insects with black abdominal stripes
  • Bumblebees are rounder and larger than honeybees, covered in fluffy yellow and black hair
  • Carpenter Bees (Wood Bees) are larger than Bumblebees with a broad head and can be destructive
  • Hornets have a skinny waist and are hairless, they make paper nests and tend to be aggressive
  • Wasps also have a skinny waist and are hairless, making their nest out of paper or in the ground (ie. dirt/mud)

If you get stung by a bee, wasp, or hornet be sure to treat the site appropriately and watch for signs of an allergic reaction.

Not All Stinging Insects are Created Equal

While most bees and other stinging insects generally act as helpful pollinators, hornets and wasps can be very aggressive toward humans if they’re disturbed – potentially attacking with their painful sting. Carpenter Bees can also damage structures, as they nest by boring holes into wood to lay their eggs. Call us if you see wasps, hornets, or other stinging insects congregating around your property for quick identification.

Did you know?
Honeybees and bumblebees are generally docile, valuable pollinators, and don’t pose a significant threat to humans. In order to protect this important species, if we determine that honeybees have made a home on your property we’ll refer you to a local beekeeper who can relocate the hive quickly and sustainably.

Contact us today for more information on stinging insect maintenance plans for domestic and commercial spaces.

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