Closeup of flies feeding on garbage in Cranford, NJ taken by Arnold's Pest Control

Flying Insects

Flies and Gnats and Moths, oh my!

There are a multitude of flying insects that might make their way into your home or business and cause distress. These flying critters are not only an annoyance, but they spread dangerous bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella, and Typhoid. Due to their ability to spread disease it’s crucial to keep flies out of your home – especially out out food preparation and service areas.

Which Type of Fly is Bugging You?

  • Drain Flies are 2mm in length with a fuzzy body, found near stagnant water (ex. sinks, drains, puddles)
  • Fruit Flies are 3mm long with a yellow-brown body and red eyes, found anywhere food is stored
  • Common House Flies are 5-8mm in length with a greyish body and iridescent eyes, and tend to congregate near trash bins where they feed on food scraps and pest waste
  • Blowflies are 8-10mm long with metallic green/blue bodies that find their way inside via open windows, seeking out organic matter to feed on
  • Gnats (midges) can be 1/8th of an inch in length or smaller with slender, black bodies and lay their eggs in soil, in water, or on plants.
  • Pantry Moths are 8-10mm long and are often found in dry foodstuffs where they like to feed and lay their eggs 

There are countless species of flies other insects that can find their way into your space – believe us, we’ve seen them all!

Say “Goodbye!” To Annoying Flying Insects

Flies are naturally able to survive even the harshest conditions, which makes the implementation of integrated pest control techniques imperative to an effective treatment plan. In order to treat a growing fly infestation, we do a thorough inspection of your space to determine points of entry – as well as to identify locations of fly feeding and breeding before exterminating the flies on site.

Contact us today for more information on area treatments for mitigation of flying insects and annual service contracts to keep your space pest-free.

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