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Stay Out of The Groundhogs Shadow!

Groundhogs (also known as Woodchucks) may be cute and furry, but they’re likely to pose a serious risk to your home and property. These members of the squirrel family are fast eaters – they can wipe out your whole garden in a matter of minutes, and dig tunnels through your yard to construct their home.

Issues Caused By Groundhogs:

  • Sanitation (ie. trash bins opened and their contents spilled)
  • Transmission of disease, including parasites and rabies
  • Risk to safety of small pets – although groundhogs see dogs as predators!
  • Damage to structures (ex. foundation)
  • Destruction of garden spaces
  • Increased tension and stress regarding property maintenance

These vermin are also carriers of fleas and ticks, so it’s best to prevent their intrusion if possible.

Professional Groundhog Removal

These unassuming marmots can be very difficult to eradicate on your own, so it’s best to call in professional help at the first sign of groundhogs before they truly take over your space. We are experts at mitigating the effect of these small mammals, effectively trapping and relocating them in a humane fashion.

Contact us today for more information on groundhog removal for domestic and commercial spaces!

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