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The Unwelcome Garbage Collector

Raccoons are easy to identify: they’re known for the distinctive black fur around their eyes resembling a bandit’s mask, as well as alternating rings of black and grey along their long, fuzzy tails. From a distance they may appear cute and friendly, but these primarily carnivorous mammals can be aggressive (and crafty) when they’re trying to fulfill their needs – potentially risking your safety in the process.

Issues Caused By Raccoons:

  • Sanitation (ie. Trash bins opened and their contents spilled)
  • Transmission of disease, including parasites and rabies
  • Unsafe conditions for small pets
  • Damage to structures (ex. walls, insulation, or wiring)
  • Destruction of garden spaces
  • Increased tension and stress regarding property maintenance

Be especially aware of signs of rabies in raccoons and report suspicious activity as soon as possible.

Don’t Feed Wildlife

Seeing wildlife like raccoons can be a thrill, and while it’s tempting to feed or attempt to befriend wild animals, that decision always plays out negatively for humans and animal alike. Feeding animals like raccoons may lead to them expecting feeding in the future, and they may become aggressive – possibly biting or scratching you.

Similarly, it’s important to practice hygienic disposal of waste by keeping all outdoor waste bins securely sealed in order to prevent wildlife from going through your trash to find a quick meal. Implementing IPM practices is one of the best ways to deter raccoons once they’ve become interested in your space – and keep them from coming back.

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